Campaigns for Collarscat & dog pic

Special thanks goes out to our community partners for our Campaign for Collars committment. Please support and thank the companies who help us on a regular basis.

Benco Dental
• Crosby Excavating
Superior Essex
Patterson Riegel Advertising
Fort Wayne Subaru
K & K Insurance
Korte Does It All Inc.

The Campaigns for Collar programs below were developed as a way for companies to get involved in a campaign for our organization which helps homeless animals in our area. Our animals come to us from a variety of circumstances and require attention from the day they arrive. We are committed to helping these dogs and cats receive the medical and emotional care they need and ultimately find families to care for them for the rest of their lives. Your participation in a “Campaign for Collars” ensures there is a place for homeless animals to live until they find their forever homes.

Cooking for Collars...

Cookbook development and sale

Submit a family favorite recipe for a cookbook to be compiled and sold to benefit the Allen County SPCA.
• Charge $5 to submit a recipe and give them a free cookbook.
• Charge $5-$10 to purchase the cookbook
• Create sections such as beverages, main dishes, breads, desserts, soups, salads, and pet treat or pet food recipes.

Bake sale

Bake your favorite goodies and share in a common area or special event for pennies with all proceeds to benefit the shelter.
• Provide “People’s Choice” award category
• Provide pet treats for purchase for staff to take home to pets

Chili Cook-off, Best Burger Grill-Off or Best BBQ Rib Contest

Hold a group or neighborhood party and have a competition for the best of the best. Entrants pay $5 to enter their food item. Attendees vote; participate in 50/50 drawings, silent auction or mini yard sale with all proceeds benefiting the shelter.

Collecting for Collars...

Collect items for recycle or reuse

Any of the following items can be collected by your group.
• Aluminum cans –A volunteer from the Allen County SPCA could come by to pick up cans. You could have a drop off container that is outside for people to dump their cans.
• Ink Cartridges (also ipods, laptops & cellphones) – A company that recycles these for us pays the Allen County SPCA. You can collect these items for us.
• Paper box tops – The box lids for the reams of paper are used for our special needs cats. They are disposable and help prevent spread of infection. A volunteer from the SPCA could pick up the box lids when you have plenty for us.
• Plastic butter tubs or other plastic bowls – these are used for food and water for the special needs cats. They are disposable and prevent the spread of infection
• Paper goods – paper towels, toilet paper & tissues are always needed. The money we don’t spend on these items enables us to ensure we have more money to spend on the animals in our care.
• Funds – We are always in urgent need of money. You could set a challenge of pledges or “Coins for Collars.” Ask your friends or the community to save all of their change for the animals in our shelter. You could offer awards for the most collected etc. Could secure a free pet portrait for winner etc.

Challenges for Collars...

Cat vs. Dog Campaign

Tabs are kept on which animal receives the most “votes” by the number of sales made and a winner is announced. Bragging rights for a year ensue…display of cat or dog photos to show who is being helped by this campaign.

Competition for Collars...

Post an idea or opportunity to hold a sporting tournament for the Allen County SPCA. Those who love to play sports can lead the charge to form a friendly competition to benefit the dogs and cats in our care. These events do not have to be a large undertaking, but maybe just four teams or more spending a day playing a sport they love. (T-shirts and other items for purchase available at our on-line store)
• Have a volleyball tournament in conjunction with Fairplay Volleyball
• Have a basketball tournament in conjunction with the local YMCA
• Have a tennis tournament in conjunction with local racquet clubs
• Have a bowling tournament in conjunction with Crazy Pinz or Georgetown Bowl
• Play a round of golf and charge for entry, mulligans, skins and maybe a 50/50 drawing to benefit the Allen County SPCA.

Gifts from You

We are always in need of sponsorships to help support our events. Here are some events that might make sense for you. Sponsorships of special events:

APRIL/MAY: Sponsor the Pet Expo. This event was attended by nearly 5,000 people and their pets last year.

NOVEMBER: Purchase a corporate table or sponsorship to the Cat Walk to benefit the Allen County SPCA

YEARLY: Sponsor a major technology need, shelter repair, or medical need at the shelter.

Want to help
homeless animals?


Our center is always on the lookout for supplies that will help keep our dogs and cats healthy, safe and happy. From food to toys, we welcome a number of items that will give our fur friends a comfortable lifestyle. Some items can be purchased directly from our wishlist on Just follow the links.

Special Needs
10x10 Shelter PopUp - for our dogs at outreach events
• Multi-cat enclosed playpen/cage

Special Cat Enrichment Items
• Interactive toy fish bowls with waterbugs
• Cap bottle tops
• Plastic easter eggs
• Shredded paper
• Interactive cat toys

Special Dog Enrichment Items
• Wind chimes
• Classical music CDs
• Beef broth juice
• Rice
• Small paper bags
• Interactive dog puzzles
• Different spices
• Interactive dog toys

Housekeeping Needs
• Batteries
• Disinfectant spray such as Lysol
• Hand sanitizer
• Dish detergent
• 39 gal or larger trash bags
• Tall kitchen trash bags
• Paper towels
• Toilet paper

Office Needs
• Postage stamps
• Address labels- white 1" x 2 5/8"
• White & color copy paper

Cat & Dog Needs
• Box lids from copy paper cases (for disposable litter boxes)
• Heavy weight paper bowls for medication
• Resealable plastic bags - quart or gallon size
• 4” x 4” gauze pads
Kuranda vinyl cat perches
Kuranda dog beds
Screw on cage food & water bowls
• Rope toys for dogs
Disposable cat scratchers
• Litter box deodorizer
• Non-scoopable clay litter (unscented)
• Covered cat play houses (no carpeting)
Kitty condos
• Cat muzzles
• Catnip
• Catnip Spray
Kitty Kongs
• Martingale-style collars (medium & large sizes)
• Kennel slipleads
Stainless steel pet pails
• Made in the USA rawhide chews
• Gift cards to PETCO, PetSmart, Pet Supplies Plus, Green DogGoods, & Tractor Supply

Our Cat & Dog Food
We feed our dogs and cats the following food while in our care.
• 4health Cat & Kitten Food - available at Tractor Supply
• Purina Pro Plan Focus Puppy Food Chick & Rice
• Purina Pro Plan Focus Puppy Lamb & Rice
• Purina Pro Plan Savor Adult Dog Shredded Blend Chicken & Rice Formula
• Purina Pro Plan Savor Adult Dog Shredded Blend Lamb & Rice Formula
• Canned Meow Mix wet cat food
• Canned dog foot - any brand

For Our Community Pet Food Donation program
• Dog and cat food, dry or canned
• Brown paper sacks (grocery store size)

• Aluminum cans, cell phones, laptops, iPods, empty ink & toner cartridges
• New and used books, CDs and DVDs in their original cases.

Box up your new and used books, CDs and DVDs in their original cases and bring them to the shelter. We are paid by a local buyer for your books! Help raise money for us while you reclaim valuable storage space.

* We do not take comforters. (Some of our dogs like to chew the stuffing out of them.)

Donations may be dropped off during our regular business hours.


Article written by volunteer Debra Lockhart

I’ve been volunteering with a local rescue for about a year now and have loved every minute of it. In the past year, I’ve transported dogs, helped rescue dogs off of a chain, helped a dog give birth, adopted and said goodbye as some of my favorites have found their forever home. I’ve gotten to know some dogs more than others and have cheered nearly every adoption and only shed a tear or two for a few who have especially touched me in some way.

Still, there was something missing. This rescue is foster based, and at this time that is the one thing I’m not able to do, so most of my interactions come from adoption events or transport services. If I could bring my dog to work with me things might be different, because sometimes you just need to hug a dog or play with a kitty, so I began volunteering at our local SPCA. I figured that they were located close enough to my office that I could spend a lunch hour or two each week relaxing in the company of a furry little friend under the guise of helping them while in all actuality, reaping the benefits that come with cuddling a pet. Orientation was in two parts so after part one, I was able to ‘socialize with cats’ and I spent a good portion of a lunch hour on the floor of a kitty room getting and giving some soft purr-y love.

Part two allowed us to interact with the dogs and there was a special boy whom I met at both orientations and I was eager to go back and really interact with him on my first “dog day.” Its funny how a dog (or any animal, really) can grab your heartstrings and how it varies from person to person as to who that special furry pal may be. A fellow volunteer nudged me and pointed at a dog, “That’s my dog. I’m going to adopt that one.” “Hmmm, cute dog, nothing special,” I thought. He or she was the kind of dog I might not have given a second glance at if I weren’t here to generally socialize with the dogs.

In the kennel next to “her dog” was the special someone who had me at first glance. Truth be told, “special boy” is not usually someone who would grab my attention… except he did. He was just a medium sized dog, medium hair, medium build but with a deep chest and funny white paws that were too big for his body. (As a further testament to how perception skews what we actually see, he is listed as a large dog with long hair.) There was nothing exceptional… but his eyes. Ah, those soulful cinnamon eyes peering at me over the chew toy he hopefully offered me, they had me at hello.

article continued...


Sat, Nov 22, noon - 3 pm
Paw’s-n-Claw’s Holiday Open House
1313 W Coliseum Blvd
Ft Wayne, IN 46808
See who is available for adoption!

Sat, Dec 6, 11 am - 2 pm
Little Rebel Day
Lucky Harley-Davidson
6315 Illinois Rd
Ft Wayne, IN 46804
See who is available for adoption!

Sat, Dec 6, 11 am - 2 pm
PetSmart Community Outreach
10260 Maysville Rd
Ft Wayne, IN 46835
See who is available for adoption!

Sat, Dec 6, 11 am - 2 pm
PetSmart Community Outreach
10035 Lima Rd
Ft Wayne, IN 46818
See who is available for adoption!

Fri, Dec 12, 7:30 pm
Sat, Dec 13, 2 pm & 7:30 pm
Fort Wayne Philharmonic Holiday Pups
Embassy Theatre
Ft Wayne, IN 46802
See our adoptable dogs on stage.

Sat, Dec 13, 11 am - 2 pm
PETCO Community Outreach
315 E Coliseum Blvd
Ft Wayne, IN 46805
See who is available for adoption!

Sat, Dec 13, 11 am - 2 pm
Pet Supplies Plus
4714 Coldwater Rd
Ft Wayne, IN 46825
See who is available for adoption!

Fri, Dec 19, 7:30 pm
Sat, Dec 20, 2 pm & 7:30 pm
Fort Wayne Philharmonic Holiday Pups
Embassy Theatre
Ft Wayne, IN 46802
See our adoptable dogs on stage.

Sat, Dec 27, 11 am - 2 pm
PetSmart Community Outreach
1760 Apple Glen Blvd
Fort Wayne, IN 46804
See who is available for adoption!