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Our shelter operates on the generosity of our community. Our donations come in various forms. Whether it is a child who collected pennies for us or someone who remembered to include us as the beneficiary in their will; each of these “ways to give” ensures the lights are on, the animals are fed, safe and loved.


Become a Member

There are many ways to support the Allen County SPCA, including membership. As a member you will receive a monthly newsletter and have voting rights at the annual meeting in April. Membership dues are used to operate our shelter including providing shelter, animal care, vaccinations and veterinary services and to spay and neuter our animals.
Becoming a member means that you will have a direct impact on the loving dogs and cats that come to the Allen County SPCA. Not only will you be financially assisting with their health and well-being, but you will be involved in decisions that will affect the future of the animals we love so much.

Annual Memberships

Angel Fund - Help a Special Needs or At Risk Animal

Our dogs and cats come to us from a variety of circumstances and all need attention from the moment they arrive. Each year, we take in animals who have a special need. Whether it is a very costly heartworm treatment, long term ailment needing regular medical attention or when an animal in our care falls unexpectedly ill, we take care of those needs. With a gift from you into our Angel Fund, you can help to sponsor the needs of these special cases that truly need the Allen County SPCA. Without us, most of these animals would not be given the chance to provide love to those around them.

Monthly Donation

Sustaining members are crucial to our existence. The long term commitments of community members are the reason there is a non-profit homeless shelter in northeast Indiana. When you donate monthly, you are helping hundreds of pets to receive shelter, medical care and most importantly a chance to be matched with a community member who will love them for the rest of their lives.

Please send me...

Tree of Life

Pay lasting tribute to a special pet. A beautiful 5’ x 7’ Tree of Life has been painted on a lobby wall at the Allen County SPCA by local muralist, Gwen Gutwein, to be a lasting tribute to beloved pets. Copper, silver, and gold engraved leaves will be added as dog and cat lovers choose to remember their's and other's pets.Etched leaves are available in 3 metals:
• Gold - $250+ donation
• Silver - $150 - $249 donation
• Copper - $75-$149 donation

These and all other memorial and tribute gifts for pets will continue to be acknowledged in our newsletter. Please type in name of Pet or Person for leaf engraving in the instruction area after clicking on the Donate button below.


Memorials or Honoring of Friends

When a friend passes it is sometimes difficult to know how to pay tribute. With a gift to the Allen County SPCA, you can celebrate your family member or friends with a gift that truly helps others in need. Be sure to list the person's name and if your donation is a "memorial" or "in honor of" that person once you are directed to PayPal's secure site and have typed in your donation amount.


Memorials for Pets

Our pets become part of our family. The unconditional love of a pet cannot be replaced and can leave a lasting pain in our hearts. Leaving a memorial in memory of a friend or family member’s pet or your own pet helps us to remember their important role in our lives. Be sure to list the pets name if applicable and also if your donation is a "memorial" or "in honor of" that pet once you are directed to PayPal's secure site and have typed in your donation amount.

Third Party Fundraisers and Fund Collections

Want to hold an event to benefit our homeless cats and dogs? Companies in our area look for ways for their employees and the company to give back to our community. Through our Third Party Fundraisers, they can hold bake sales, supply drives and more to benefit the dogs and cats in our care. Download our Third Party Fundraising Guidelines and details here.

From neighborhood churches to children’s classes, gathering change or a collection of funds can directly impact the animals in our care. Click here for ideas on how you or your group can help our animals.


Your Dog's Unique DNA

Interested in finding out your dog's full breed composition, unique personality traits, genetic health concerns, predisposition to disease, and more? Your dog's results include: A custom photo certificate of your dog’s breed composition, a percentage breakdown of each level of each breed found in your dog’s unique DNA and a report on your dog’s dominant breeds, personality traits and health concerns. You can purchase the DNA kit from us at our shelter or online by clicking the Buy Now link below. The cost of the kit is $10. We mail the kit directly to you in which you collect sample DNA cheek swab from your dog and mail in the provided kit envelope to the lab at DNA my Dog along with a $49.99 lab fee and $9.70 shipping fee. The lab will mail you the results. Order your DNA kit today! If you would like more details visit


Leave a Legacy

Legacy gifts can provide significant estate and gift-tax deductions, and if you give during your lifetime, the donations may reduce your income taxes as well. There are a variety of giving options including the ability to set up a charitable fund in your family's name. Although tax benefits are often what are most touted about charitable giving, we know most donors give because they want to support a special cause. Won't you discuss this with your professional advisor, or call us to recommend one to you? Please contact us for a brochure about legacy gifts.


Amazon Smile

When you shop at AmazonSmile, Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price to the Allen County SPCA. You get to shop for everyday items that you may need and Amazon donates directly to us. Be sure to select "Allen County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals" as your charity. Visit and sign up today. It's free!


Kroger Rewards

Register your Kroger Rewards Card and help The Allen County SPCA while you shop for groceries. Visit Kroger Community Rewards and sign up today. Our organization number is 55024 or type in Allen County SPCA. You'll need to renew your charity choice every year. If you have questions or need any help, go to the service desk of your local store and let them know you want to link your card to donate to the Allen County SPCA.